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Why CBD Gummies?

You may be wondering why you should consider CBD gummies or other edibles...

All Natural

CBD gummies are made like normal gummy bears and maintain the gelatin texture we all love. These lovely treats add a mix of fun and healing with an added CBD ingredient.

Cancer Fighting

More and more studies are being done on the cancer curing effects of CBD products. Taken from the seeds of marijuana, CBD extract both kills cancer cells and suppresses regrowth.

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Dietary Supplement

CBD oils are being sold as dietary supplements as well. It’s become well known for helping with both cancer and neurological issues. It also doesn’t get you high, as it’s THC-free.

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Cheaper Than Oil

This isn’t a product that’s regarded as overly cheap. You can buy bottles of oil that cost well over $400 USD. Luckily, you can buy gummies through various vendors for a fraction of the price.

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About CBD

What exactly is Cannabidiol?
"Cannabidiol is used for cancer and neurological problems."

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the cannabis compound shown to have extensive medical benefits without getting you high. THC - the cannabis compound responsible for getting the user high - is absent in CBD products.

You get CBD oil from extracting it from various cannabis strains. There are many ways to extract the CBD from the plants. One of the most used ways to do this is through CO2. Specific temperatures and pressures in a tank that holds CO2-infused cannabis causes the cannabinoid to separate, giving us the CBD oil.

Many medical trials are continuing to be going on throughout the world to find out the extent of CBD usefulness. So far, studies have found that it helps severely with cancer, arthritis, anxiety, depression, PTSD, infections, epilepsy, nervousness, and more.

  • CBD is widely recognized in being healthy and helping with many issues.

  • Cannabidiol can be a bit pricey, but the positive effects far outweigh the price tag.

  • Another great thing about CBD is that it's THC free - meaning you won't get high.

  • Perhaps the biggest benefit of being THC free means CBD is legal across the USA.