Is It Worth Your Time to Try CBD Oil?

It seems like every other week a brand new miracle substance comes out onto the market. When people attempt to sell you these products, they make it sound as though the product could solve every problem you’ve ever had. Everything from arthritis to cancer can be cured with whatever new, revolutionary product the doctors and big pharma don’t want you to know about.

The latest such product is CBD oil. Naturally, people are curious if it works. Does it do everything people say it does? Does it at least do a little bit of what people say it does? And what exactly is it other than “oil made from cannabis somehow”?

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidoil oil is basically an essential oil made out of a specific variety of hemp. This hemp contains very low amounts of THC, which is the substance in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effect. It’s high in Cannabidoil, which is one of the 86 different cannabinoids that exist in cannabis.

CBD Oil Benefits

Cannabinoids are the various chemicals that make up the full chemical makeup of cannabis. The fact that it contains such low amounts of THC means that you won’t (or at least shouldn’t) get high from using CBD oil. However, if you get low-quality CBD oil or CBD oil supplements you may find yourself feeling a bit light headed or sleepy. This isn’t dangerous and you shouldn’t worry about your health, but you may want to toss the supplements and buy something a bit higher quality.

What Does CBD Oil Really Do?

Since it’s the latest fad health supplement, you can find claims that CBD oil will do just about anything. Everyone has a friend who’s mother’s cousin used CBD oil to fight off just about any disease you’d care to name.

People with critical thinking skills generally dismiss these claims, and they’re right to do so. Even so, that doesn’t mean CBD oil is useless. Due to the various effects cannabinoids can have on the human body, many people do find some use out of CBD oil.

CBD Oil Medical Uses

A major use is as a painkiller. Oil made from Cannabidoil isn’t going to be as powerful as a narcotic painkiller, so if you’re hoping for a substitute then you’ll be sorely disappointed. However, it can work as a gentle supplement to other treatments. It’s often useful for people going through physical therapy since it can help gently relax the muscles. This keeps your body from getting too sore after you push it during the therapy.

It can also help mitigate anxiety, though again it’s not going to be as potent as either prescription medication or even normal medical grade cannabis. Even so, many people find that when they drink tea made with CBD oil, they’re able to relax better than they would be able to otherwise.

So ultimately, CBD oil does have two uses. It’s not a powerful supplement and you shouldn’t expect it to be the only substance you need. But it can help, and for people with minor issues it may be enough.

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