August 2, 2017

Vetted CBD Companies

As most of you have found out by now – CBD is hit or miss depending on where it comes from. Finding high quality CBD products on the web can be quite confusing or daunting too. Who can be trusted? Who has a high quality product and isn’t overly expensive?

We, too, have been there. So, we’ve decided to compile a list of who we’ve found to be the highest quality CBD sellers currently on the market. These companies have been tested and found to be trust worthy and have a high quality product.

The following are those companies. (This list is not set in stone, companies can be added, or removed If you’re a company, please contact us via our contact page and our group of experts can look at your company.

Premium Pure CBD

Premium Pure CBD Logo

Premium Pure CBD is primarily known for their gummy bear CBD product. It’s a great, easy to use CBD edible for those who have issues with the oil. If you’re looking for CBD gummy bears, then we couldn’t recommend them more.

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NuLeaf Naturals [Coupon Code “Natural” For 15% Off]

NuLeaf Naturals Logo

NuLeaf is a great company based out of Denver, Colorado. Their product is super high quality and their customer support is top notch. They’re a company well known across the nation and they’re highly recommended.

Bluebird Botanicals [Coupon Code “firsttime” For 20% Off First Order]

Bluebird Botanicals Logo

Bluebird, like NuLeaf, is another nationally known brand for their CBD products. The CBD they supply is also a high quality substance – in fact, they’re known for their quality. They offer a wide range of products from isolates to extracts to tinctures.

Receptra Naturals [Coupon Code “best10” For 10% Off]

Receptra Naturals Logo

Receptra Naturals is another Colorado based CBD company. Their products have been proven to be as pure as possible. They’re locally sourced from family-owned farms around Colorado.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals Logo

Lazarus Naturals is one of the oldest names in the CBD industry. They offer just about every type of CBD product out there as well.

Green Mountain CBD

Green Mountain CBD Logo

Green Mountain CBD is one of the rarer east coast CBD companies. Based in Vermont, their CBD products are hemp based. Despite this, their products are still high quality and the CBD is strong. It doesn’t lack the potency that companies like NuLeaf offer.

CBDistillery [Coupon Code “BESTCBD” For 5% Off]

CBDistillery Logo

Yet again, CBDistillery is a CBD company based out of Colorado. In fact, they’re one of the highest rated CBD vendors in Denver. Known for their slabs of crystal CBD isolate and great prices, you won’t be disappointed with their products.

Populum [Coupon Code “POPULUM10” For 10% Off]

Populum Logo

Populum is a well-known CBD company based out of Texas. They offer a product promised to be as pure as it can be. Their product has some of the highest quality we’ve seen, and they uphold high morals. This is a company you can definitely trust.

Want To See Your Company On This List?

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Be prepared to complete an extensive questionnaire. We will have a bunch of in-depth questions for you to answer. Keep in mind that if the questionnaire isn’t completed, your company will have no chance to be vetted.