CBD Oil vs. CBD Gummy Bears – Which is Better?

CBD is a product that’s rapidly growing in the health industry as it has many positive benefits. It can help with stress, anxiety, pains, nervousness, and even fight cancer. There’s also different ways to take CBD, and many don’t know what’s best for them.

Two of the more popular ways to take it is through edibles, like gummy bears, or through straight oil. Problem is there’s arguments on both sides as to which is better to take. As a result, we’ve decided to delve deeper into this and find out for sure.

Before we do that, we should probably go into detail about the specifics of both. What’s in CBD oil? What’s in CBD gummies? Is one easier to take than the other?

The Truth About What’s In CBD Gummies

Simply put, CBD gummies are just gummy bears that have CBD added to them. They maintain their gelatin texture and sweet flavor that we all love. Though you’ll have to be careful, as you’re not supposed to eat very many of them on an hourly basis.

CBD gummies are also made in the USA. They’re much healthier than traditional gummy bears as they use 100% natural ingredients. They contain no synthetic chemicals, stimulants, or other harmful things.

CBD Gummy Bears

These gummies are also legal nation wide. They, like normal CBD oil, contain no THC – making them non-psychoactive. You will not get high by eating these and they won’t show up on any drug tests.

The Cannabidiol used in these gummy bears are well known in helping with tons of issues. In fact, it can reduce nausea, lower blood sugar levels, fight cancer cells, and provide aid with neurological issues.

Primarily, CBD gummy bears are much easier to consume than traditional CBD oil. They taste much better, resulting in many people having an easier time using them.

These gummy bears are also cheaper than traditional CBD oil. In fact, some bottles of CBD oil can cost upwards of $400+ USD. You can get your hands on CBD gummy bears for a fraction of the price.

In fact, you can get a bottle of CBD gummies for only $70 – that’s over 80% cheaper. If you’re interested, our partners are running a limited time special for their gummies. You can get your CBD gummy bears cheap here!

The Truth About CBD Oil’s Ingredients

CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is at least 1 of 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It’s a major component of marijuana. In fact, it accounts for around 40% of the plants total extract.

Unlike many of the other 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD is occurs naturally and in great quantities. This results in easy extraction of this product from the plant.

Uses For CBD Oil

It also doesn’t have any psychoactive or intoxicating effects. Simply put, this means anyone taking the substance won’t get high from it. This is due to CBD being THC-free. As a result, CBD use can’t be detected in any form of tests.

Cannabidiol is commonly found throughout stalk, seeds, and flowers of cannabis plants. This includes marijuana and hemp.

There are currently thousands of studies going on involving the medical effects of CBD. With marijuana slowing becoming legalized throughout the USA, these studies continue to grow. Many are finding that CBD has many positive medical effects on users – especially those having neurological or cancer problems.

CBD Oil Or CBD Gummy Bears?

So, you’re probably wondering now which we believe to be the better product. Though both have their strong suits – like gummies being cheaper and easier to eat, and oil having a stronger effect – there can only be one true winner.

With that said, we’re going to have to give the win to the CBD gummy bears. Now, if you prefer the oil over the gummies, you’re probably asking yourself why we chose the gummies. So, let us explain.

CBD Gummy Bears Winner

They both do they same thing. They’re both full of CBD (obviously), making them both super useful for medical needs and for relaxing. Where the CBD gummy bears draw the upper hand is in the price and in the ease-of-consumption.

You simply can’t argue with an 80% cheaper price. You almost buy 6 bottles of CBD gummy bears for the same price as 1 bigger bottle of CBD oil. Our partners are running a special if you’re interested in getting your hands on some CBD gummy bears cheap.

On top of this, the gummies are considerably easier for more people to consume. Many say the CBD oil has a weird taste, and some brands can be strangely viscous. The CBD gummy bears are much easier to eat as they taste sweet – like traditional gummy bears – and have a texture we’re used to.

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